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by admin posted Aug 24, 2010


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I'm am a Kiwi male, aged 26, and a secondary school teacher here in Auckland. When I was at university I lived in Seoul for one year learning Korean at Yonsei University, so I can read and speak some Korean.
I wish to move into a new flat to live with Koreans. I hope the flat will be:
With Koreans around my age (20s)
Cook and share food together
Location: I don't really mind, but somewhere around Mt Eden, Roskill, Kingsland, Onehunga, Newmarket, Royal Oak, Lynfield, Hillsborough, Greenlane, Mt Albert, Grey Lynn, etc, etc
Preferably living with permanent Koreans who are working in Auckland, but also long-term students ok
Please let me know if there is space in your flats.